Kelly Mallett

Kelly has worked in the field of histology for 30 years in various capacities from technician to supervisor, as well as consultant. She has worked in various facets of the histology profession including human, veterinary, clinical, and research. She’s traveled to Nepal to assist the Himalayan College of Agricultural Science and Technology (HICAST) to train technicians, establish processes, and protocols for the histology laboratory. Kelly currently serves on the Strategic Planning Committees for the National (NSH) and Texas (TSH) Societies of Histotechnology. She also serves as the Advocacy Chairman for TSH.

She is a lifelong resident of Texas and earned her B. S. in Psychology from Texas A&M University. She lives in Iola with her fellow Aggie husband, Chad, and their toy Australian Shepherd, Molly. She has three children, Dustin, Devin, and Cassie, and two grandchildren, Draven and Rashelki.

In her spare time, Kelly serves as the Coordinator for the Iola Food Pantry, leads a weekly ladies Bible study at her church, attempts to garden, watch birds, and finds great joy watching hummingbirds and dragonflies.