How do I join the Pre-Vet Society?

Joining the Pre-Vet Society is easy! Membership is open to any A&M student (including Blinn Team students) interested in veterinary medicine or finding out more about the field. To become a basic member, you must pay dues and fill out the membership contact form by the end of the third general meeting of the semester. For students looking to go a step further, we offer distinguished membership. Distinguished membership is achieved through completing the requirements (more information can be found below) and results in their name being sent to the dean of the vet school.

What is distinguished membership and what does it entail?

Distinguished membership is awarded to members who have completed the following requirements:

  • Paid dues by the set deadline
  • Collected 60 points
  • Filled out the Member Contact Information sheet by the set deadline

At the end of each semester, a list of distinguished members is sent to the vet school, and the top three members with the most points will be awarded a scholarship from the Pre-Vet Society.

Where will updates made by organization be posted?

Updates made by the Pre-Vet Society will be posted on this website, emailed out to members on our Listserv, and posted on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Zoom meeting information will ONLY be shared through the Listserv. You can sign up for our Listserv here.

When and where are meetings held?

Meeting dates, times, and locations can be found on the website under the Calendar of Events tab. Meetings are held on every other Thursday at 7:30 PM in VENI 107A (new vet school). Food starts being served at 7:00 PM outside of the meeting room. Currently, meetings and seminars are held via Zoom in order to be compliant with COVID-19 regulations set by the university as well as local and state government. Meeting location and format is subject to change at any time.

I don’t have a ride to events and meetings, what should I do?

If you don’t have a ride to an event or meeting, never fear! Meetings are always held on campus, so there is a bus route (number 9) that will drop off in the front of the vet school. You also can put your name and information on the carpooling doc to find other members offering rides to events or meetings. Members can earn one point for driving other members to meetings and one point for driving those members home, so long as the driver form is filled out (located on the links tab) and you send a scanned copy to Baylee Netrow at dactamuprevet@gmail.com before the person gets in the car for the event or meeting. If for some reason you still don’t have a ride, one of the officers will be happy to help you out!

If I sign up for an event that’s capped (has a limited number of members), and don’t show up, then what happens?

If you sign up for any event, for example: one-on-one, Big Trip, or a merchandise selling shift and fail to show up without 24 hour notification, half the points that the event is worth will be deducted from your accumulated points for the semester. All animal handling clinics need a 48 hour notice of not being able to attend in order to not be deducted points. The officer in charge of the event must be emailed OUTSIDE of the 24/48 hour period prior to the event to avoid being deducted half the points that the event is worth.

What are my membership dues used for, and how do I pay them?

Membership dues go towards you (the member) in a variety of ways. Dues help cover reservations for events, meetings, socials, and help lower the costs of events that members have to pay for. Dues also go towards food, drinks, snacks, membership t-shirts , and scholarship funding. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, dues will include a PVS goodie bag and no longer cover food, drinks, and snacks since events are virtual.

I need animal/veterinary experience, what can I do?

Animal and veterinary experience can be obtained both individually and through the Pre-Vet Society. The organization has events throughout the year, which allows members to gain exposure to different kinds of animals and the veterinary field such as reptile or equine handling clinics and more. Additionally, members may gain experience by participating in our Shadow Program during semester breaks.

What is the Shadow Program and how does it work?

The Shadow Program is a program sponsored by the Pre-Vet Society for students of any major. Any member is eligible to apply and applications go out at the end of each semester (before the break). Students are matched to veterinarians within their area of choosing based on interest and veterinary availability. Click here to learn more about the Shadow Program.

What is the Mentorship Program and how does it work?

The Mentorship Program is a new program added this year that pairs due-paying members of Pre-Vet Society with current vet students. Any member is eligible to apply, but keep in mind that dues must be paid and the Contact Roster Form must be filled out prior to the closing of the application. Members will be paired with current vet students and will be able to discuss interests, career goals, and any advice the vet student might have. ABSOLUTELY NO DISCUSSION ABOUT COURSE CONTENT. Click here to learn more about the Mentorship Program.

What are one-on-ones and how do I schedule mine?

One-on-ones are just what they sound like. They are one-on-one meetings with one of the officers, and are meant as an opportunity to talk about requirements for veterinary school and discuss any questions or concerns you may have about admission, school, or the Pre-Vet Society. Additionally, the organization is quite large and it gives our officers a chance to get to know its members. One-on-ones are worth 1 point, but not required to receive distinguished membership. The schedule can be found under the officers tab in the One-On-One section.

I’m just a few points away from distinguished membership and the due date is tomorrow, what are my options?

Waiting until the last minute to complete your points is highly not recommended, but if you do find yourself in this situation, there are a couple of things you can do. You can make donations to the Wildlife Center, submit volunteer hours, or turn in any profit share receipts you may have not already submitted.

How can I win a scholarship form Pre-Vet Society?

You can be eligible to win a scholarship from the Pre-Vet Society by being a distinguished member and accumulating points throughout the semester. The first place scholarship will go to the individual with the most overall PVS related points. The second and third place scholarships will go to the individuals with the highest (or next to highest) number of points overall, including outside community service hours.

Pet of the Meeting

To be considered for Pet of the Meeting you must email Sophie Ramirez at communicationstamuprevet@gmail.com with the name of your pet, a fun fact (or two), and pictures of your pet being submitted. The officer team will then vote on the top 3 choices for each meeting. You do not have to submit your pet every week, as one email submission will be considered for the entire semester in which that email was sent. The Pet of the Meeting choice will be notified via email by Monday PM and presented at the meeting! This award will count for two points toward distinguished membership or a piece of merchandise.