Texas A&M University’s Pre-Vet Society is a pre-professional student organization
designed for anyone seeking a career in veterinary medicine, regardless of their major.

Pre-Vet Society’s main goal is to expose Texas A&M College Station and Blinn TEAM students to a variety of opportunities in the field of veterinary medicine and to help these students reach their goal of becoming a veterinarian.  Professionals in the field of veterinary medicine are invited to speak about their various careers and offer advice to members at meetings and seminars held throughout the year.  This added insight has proven very beneficial to students unsure of which aspect of veterinary medicine they wish to pursue, even for those already decided.  PVS connects pre-vet students with animal handling and shadowing opportunities in the local area, as well as with current vet school students.  PVS also provides students with an opportunity to interact with other students in their classes and field interest through social events and cohort activities.

Please check out the Events page to see the upcoming PVS events for this semester!

See the Membership page to access the Member Points Roster, Contact Form, and Dues links.  The difference between general and distinguished membership is also outlined here.

The Opportunities page explains the many point opportunities available to members trying to achieve distinguished membership.

Information about the Shadow Program and the Mentorship Program can be found on the Programs page.  Applications and workshop dates will be posted here.

Check out the Cohorts page to learn more about PVS cohorts, see the current point standings, and sign-up to join one of these fun social groups!

Meet the current PVS officers on the Officers page and see descriptions of their duties.

More questions!  Check out the FAQ page to see answers to frequently asked questions, or reach out to tamuprevet@gmail.com.


To join PVS, you only need to pay our membership dues. More information about the types of PVS memberships can be found on the Membership page. You can join PVS at any point during the year!

We also strongly encourage you to join our Listserv to stay current on all PVS events and opportunities through email.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our meetings!

Check out our Merch Store!

All merchandise can be purchased during meetings and seminars OR select items can be ordered online and picked up at meetings and seminars

PVS still has Holiday T-shirts in stock if you want to get one to wear for next year! All profits will go to support Urgent Animals of Hearne, whose mission is to network and save death row animals. They are available for purchase here on our Flywire and in person before and after meetings and seminars for everyone (not just PVS members)! T-shirt pick-up for Flywire purchases will be before and after PVS meetings and seminars, and you are welcome to pick up a t-shirt for someone you know who is unable to come during those times.  If you have questions about the t-shirt, pick-up, or Urgent Animals of Hearne, please reach out to Tyler at merchandisingtamuprevet@gmail.com.