Against all odds

This is the biggest surprise of this Tambopata breeding season.

This brood hatched between expeditions, leaving their exact hatching days unknown . Back in January, during its first check, the second chick faced a tough start. Its weight was below average, growth sluggish, and plumage development lagging. Our studies revealed that 27% of second chicks perish from starvation. It seemed this little one might meet the same fate. But against all odds, during our follow-up visits, we witness its growth and recovery. Though smaller and a bit behind in general, this second chick fledged a few days after its sibling. A true testament to nature’s resilience.

Our scientific understanding of wild macaw breeding ecology grows with each breeding season thanks to Harrison’s Bird Foods and their support of wild parrot and macaw research and conservation.

Here is the second chick, all ready to fledge from its nest. Despite its challenging start, it managed to recover and overcome all the odds.