Parrot Release Network Mission Statement

The mission of The Parrot Release Network is to improve the practice of parrot release through a combination of improving communication, building relationships among stakeholders, mentoring colleagues, documenting and disseminating best practices, facilitating discussions on methodologies and other complex issues, promoting scientific discovery, encouraging personnel exchanges, and training new generations of professionals. We recognize the complexity of the process (from receipt and quarantine to post release monitoring and documenting results) and the diversity of objectives and methods that exist within the field of parrot release (including birds bred specifically for conservation release, birds rescued from the wild, birds from the illegal trade, and relinquished pets) and strive to improve the theory and practice of parrot releases across this diverse field. To accomplish our goals, the network encourages the participation of a variety of stakeholders including scientists, practitioners, government officials, and students. We strive to be an inclusive organization that welcomes both experienced experts and novices, encourages multinational participation and the use of multiple languages