Dr. Sophie Hebert, DVM

Veterinarian graduated in 2010 from the University of Montreal in Canada. Since then, she has been working exclusively with birds and exotic animals in private practice. Parrots are her favorite creatures because of their high intelligence and emotional capacity. She spent one year with the Belize Bird Rescue http://belizebirdrescue.org/, an NGO, non-profit rescue, rehabilitation, and release center for birds of Belize that focus on parrot conservation and release of birds that come from the illegal pet trade. She volunteered with the Yellow-head Parrot Project https://belizebirdconservancy.org/yellowheaded-parrot-project, an initiative of the Belize Bird Conservancy for the 2017-2019 breeding season.

Dr. Sophie started working with The Macaw Society back in 2019 and season and fell in love with the project as seeing and studying macaws in the wild, in their optimal environment, surrounded by their friend and family, is a real privilege.