The finding of a BIG macaw chick at Bosque Escondido, Costa Rica

We are very pleased to announce that we have found an “almost full-term” macaw chick at Bosque Escondido! We checked the nest cavity where two macaws were eagerly working on the substrate and spending suspiciously long chunks of time during the day, and we found A BIG CHICK!!!

The chick is in good health, and we expect it will be fledgling in ~15 days. The finding of this older chick signifies that the reintroduced population of Scarlet Macaws at Bosque Escondido has not just reached reproductive maturity but also that it has started producing the next generation of macaws!

Congratulations to Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center- zoave for this gigantic milestone. Their hard work is paying off!

Scarlet macaw chick from MUERTO nest was not so happy to see the climber. Photo credits: Loic de Leeuw