We study helminth parasites to better understand the world’s biodiversity and improve health while advancing
diagnostic tools for detecting infections caused by helminths of domestic animals, wildlife, and humans.

Lucienne Visits TAMU!

Dr. Lucienne Tritten, colleague and friend of the Verocai Lab, came to visit sunny and warm College Station this past…

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Checking for Ticks!

Last week, We had our first Tick Identification Wet Lab sponsored by Merck! Dr. Tiana Sanders and Ian Daniel (both…

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Photo of Pabasara and Likun

Welcome Pabasara and Likun!

The Verocai Lab would like to welcome new incoming postdoctoral researcher Pabasara and our new lab manager Likun! We are very excited…

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All students are welcome from all backgroundsundergraduates, graduates, and veterinary students)

Next Meeting – April 8th, 2024 – Merck’s Tick Identification Lab!! Sign up here!

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