We study helminth parasites to better understand the world’s biodiversity and improve health while advancing
diagnostic tools for detecting infections caused by helminths of domestic animals, wildlife, and humans.

Welcome Tati Harvey!

The Verocai Lab would like to welcome new postdoctoral researcher Tatiani Harvey! Tati has an amazing background and will be a …
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New Sept/Oct Papers!

New school year, but same old production in the Verocai Lab! Check out the most recent fruits of our labor: Retrospective study …
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Welcome Neha Tyagi

The Verocai Lab would like to welcome new Research Associate Neha Tyagi! We are very excited to have such a dedicated …
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Visiting Extern: Sarah

For the past month, The Verocai Lab has been hosting fourth year veterinary student Sarah Myers! Sarah is originally from Olathe, …
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Welcome Kaylee Kipp

The Verocai Lab would like to welcome new incoming PhD graduate student Kaylee Kipp! Born and raised in Texas, Kaylee earned …
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Interested in learning about parasitology but don’t know how?

Join the newly formed TAMU AAVP student chapter! All students are welcome (undergraduates, graduates, and veterinary students).

(Look for more information this Fall 2021)