Heartworm Diagnostics

  • Parasite-derived microRNAs as early detection markers of heartworm infection, and infection by other filarial nematodes
  • The DiroScope: a quantitative microfilariae detection test


Advancing tools for screening vectors, and animal tissues for parasites of veterinary, medical and wildlife health importance.

Parasite Biodiversity

Our lab has ongoing collaborative projects aiming to better understand the biodiversity, host and geographic associations of various helminth parasites, including vector-borne and zoonotic parasites, such as species in the genus Onchocerca.

Onchocerca Lupi

Our lab has been involved in collaborative research to better understand this emerging zoonotic parasite that causes canine ocular onchocerciasis, in the southwestern United States and other areas of the globe.

Bison Parasitology

We work with bison ranchers and wildlife biologists and veterinarians to better understand the impact of parasites on bison health.