Lucienne Visits TAMU!

Dr. Lucienne Tritten, colleague and friend of the Verocai Lab, came to visit sunny and warm College Station this past month to collaborate, tour the lab, and give a excellent presentation on her fascinating research (“Nematode extracellular vesicles and microRNAs: tiny players with great impact”). Dr. Tritten is a Assistant Professor at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where she studies the molecular crosstalk between parasitic helminths and their mammalian hosts. She is particularly interested in the roles played by helminth nucleic acids and extracellular vesicles (EVs) in host immunomodulation.┬áIn other words, she hopes to determine how EVs released by helminths shape the outcome of an infection in hosts. Collaborations with scientist like Dr. Tritten, is one of the key reasons the Verocai Lab is able to produce novel and impactful research in the field of parasitology. If you like to learn more about Dr. Tritten, check out her webpage. Also, don’t miss some of the work that has already transpired between our labs!