AAVP Meeting 2022

This June we were able to travel to the 67th annual American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists in lovely Snowbird, Utah! This once in a lifetime trip exposed us to new exciting parasitology work, new colleagues/friends, and not to mention – mountains! This year’s AAVP conference was ultimately a special one for the Verocai lab. Overall, the lab presented five(!) oral lectures and two poster talks. This was, by far, the largest presence Verocai lab has had at AAVP and we look forward to meeting this goal every year. Lab contributors at this year’s conference included:

  • Caroline de Sobotyk (post-doc) – Characterizing circulating Onchocerca lupi-derived microRNA in naturally infected dogs and assessing their potential as diagnostic markers
  • Matthew Kulpa (PhD student) – A cryptic Onchocerca species in moose from southern Alaska
  • Kaylee Kipp (PhD student) – Retrospective evaluation of gastrointestinal nematodes in commercial North American bison herds: 2017-2021 at the Texas A&M University Parasitology Diagnostic Lab
  • Maureen Kelly (PhD student) – Preliminary validation of a probe-based qPCR for detection of zoonotic Onchocerca lupi in clinical samples of companion animals
  • Hannah Danks (veterinary student) – Molecular characterization of Dictyocaulus (Nematoda; Dictyocaulidae) infecting North American bison (bison bison)
  • Tiana Sanders (former veterinary extern from Oklahoma State University) – Natural infection of Trichinella sp. in a domestic cat from Oklahoma
  • Ilana Mosley (Rotating PhD student) – Dirofilaria immitis prevalence in shelter cats in south Texas

In addition, congrats to Tiana Sanders on her 2nd place finish in the poster contest and Carol de Sobotyk for her last presentation as part of the Verocai Lab!! We are very proud of both you and the entire lab for making our group what it is today!