American Heartworm Society’s Triennial Symposium

Multiple current and former members of the Verocai Lab showed out at the American Heartworm Society’s Triennial Symposium this year! This included:

  • Dr. Guilherme Verocai
    • Temporal patterns of Dirofilaria  immitis–derived microRNA populations in serum of experimentally infected dogs in the search for novel diagnostic biomarkers
    • Probe-based qPCR as an alternative Knott’s test when screening dogs for heartworm infection in combination with antigen detection tests 
  • Dr. Caroline Sobotyk (recent resident and postdoc with Dr. Verocai; now clinical assistant professor at UPenn)
    • Detection of Dirofilaria immitis via integrated serological and molecular analyses in coyotes from Texas, USA (oral)
    • Assessing the field performance of a cell-phone based video-microscope for diagnosing heartworm infections in dogs (poster)
  • Dr. Kaitlyn Upton (veterinary student researcher with Dr. Verocai; now large animal intern at University of Tennessee)
    • Heartworm, Dirofilaria immitis, in carnivores kept in zoos located in Texas, USA: Risk perception, practices, and prevalence 
  • Dr. Meriam Saleh
    • Evaluation of urine for Dirofilaria immitis antigen detection in dogs
  • Dr. Sarah Lane (veterinary student researcher with Dr. Verocai; now veterinarian at Oak Forest Animal Hospital in Houston, TX)

You can read more about the event in the VMBS News article that was just recently published. Congratulations everyone!