Robert Kyle Phillips

Kyle arrived to Aggieland in 2003.  Before becoming a fighting Texas Aggie, Kyle was a Battlin’ Badger – a varsity basketballer and class valedictorian of Lampasas High.  At Texas A&M, Kyle lived four years in the honors dormitory (Lechner Hall): first as a fish, then as a sophomore advisor, and finally as a resident advisor.  Kyle finished his undergraduate career at Texas A&M with a degree in biomedical sciences and psychology and a minor in English.  Kyle would then go on to get his masters in BIMS with an emphasis in human nutrition.  Concurrently, he rose through the technical laboratory ranks at TVMDL, eventually leading the Serology department, before departing in 2014 to further his graduate education.

Presently, Kyle is pursuing his doctorate in biomedical sciences with the GI Lab.  He has been charged with the operational management of the GC/MS laboratory, performing runs of MMA and other assays, as well as leading multiple research intensive projects.

In his spare time, Kyle enjoys playing with his adorable miniature schnauzers, collecting and restoring vintage electronics, and learning how to cook like an adult.  He aspires to one day become a professor and teach at a major university like Texas A&M.