About Us


WVLDI Vision: To develop leaders for the benefit of the profession and to deliver on the promise of veterinary medicine to society.

WVLDI Mission: To support women in seeking and achieving leadership, policy, and decision-making positions within all areas of professional
veterinary activity.

The Veterinary profession has undergone a great demographic shift over the past 25 years, but the change in leadership hasn’t kept pace. Women, now more than half of the profession and rising, need to be better represented in leadership roles if we’re to deliver in the promise of veterinary medicine to society.

WVDLI is dedicated to helping develop those leaders- in organized veterinary medicine, and from practice owners to academia to corporate boards and to achieve, a stronger more effective and personally rewarding profession.

Through social and other media, we’re driven this discussion within the profession. Our presentations at major meetings have helped veterinarians better understand the problem.  Monthly meetings with profound speaks such as Dr. Dean Green can help you give awareness and understanding ways that can better your leadership in veterinarian medicine.

It’s not a job we can tackle alone. We need the support and cooperation of veterinarians across the spectrum and not just women, but people that understand that the future of veterinarian medicine is tied to the success of the people in the profession. Help us to help you, and help lead our profession into the future.