Veterinary Response Team (SVRT)

Texas A&M Student Veterinary Response Team (SVRT)

Our organization was established with the purpose of bringing together people with an interest in emergency response in veterinary medicine and promoting the vital role of veterinarians in protecting animal health, public health and our food supply.

Our Goals:

1. To promote the importance of emergency response in veterinary medicine

2. To provide the veterinary students with educational opportunities in relation to emergency response, by encouraging guest speakers for SVRT meetings

3. To create and maintain an affiliation between SVRT members and members of the Veterinary Emergency Team (VET) and similar emergency response organizations nationwide

Why you should join SVRT:

Veterinarians play a vital role in the responses to animal disease outbreaks, natural disasters and man-made disasters. Whether you are a local veterinarian or member of an emergency response team, it’s important to understand your role in the community when a disaster occurs. Through education, planning and communication, we as individuals can take steps toward minimizing the impact of a disaster on both the animals and the people in our community.


Dues are $20 per year.