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National Mission Statement:

The Veterinary Business Management Association is a student-driven organization dedicated to advancing the profession through increasing business knowledge, creating networking opportunities, and empowering students to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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Why should you join VBMA:

“The Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) is a national organization founded on the determination, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit of future veterinary leaders who desire a higher level of business education than what is currently offered through veterinary colleges.”

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Business Certificate Program:

The VBMA prides itself on its ability to provide strong business education to help shape the modern veterinary business professional. The four pillars of the educational program are business finance, operations, management, and ownership, along with teaching leadership skills, and career and personal development. To ensure that all VBMA chapters consistently deliver the highest caliber of VBMA graduates, a national curriculum was developed. Completion of The BCP demonstrates that a student made a concentrated effort to become competent in the essentials of veterinary business. The program is designed to optimize the individual strengths of each student and foster a productive career as an employee or employer. Through interactive and informational lectures, workshops and events outside of their regular curriculum, the BCP graduate learns about managing business and personal finances, management skills, engaging emotional intelligence, marketing, and more.

We know that not all of the VBMA student members are interested in owning a practice but may just be interested on increasing their business knowledge and leadership skills. We have designed this program so that more than two-thirds of the required hours are applicable to all students and less than one-third of the required hours are specifically on practice ownership. We encourage you to participate in the program whether you plan to own a practice or not.

The Business Certificate Program (BCP) is a program that VBMA members can obtain from attending meetings and other events. This certificate is a professional development program meant to distinguish future veterinarians.

For more information about the BCP Curriculum and Completion Requirements, click the link below.

BCP Curriculum with Honors

For a video describing the BCP Program including some commentary about it from previous students click on the video below:

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Spring 2023 Meeting Schedule:

Tuesday, February 7th (12:00-12:50PM)

  • “Veterinary Contracts and Your Financial Future” – VetWealth
    • Category 4
    • VENI 106A

Saturday, February 11th (10:00AM-2:30PM)

  • Professional Development Seminar
    • 10-10:50AM
      • “Choosing the Right Job” – SVP
        • Category 4 
    • 11-11:50AM – ZOOM
      • “So, you want to buy a practice?” – Dr. Lance Roasa
        • Category 1
    • Lunch (12-12:30PM)
    • 12:30-1:20PM
      • Texas Group One
        • Category 3 
    • 1:30-2:20PM
      • CityVet

Tuesday, March 7th (12:00-12:50PM)

  • “Business Taxes: Paying the Government What it Expects” – Dr. Kathryn Stieh (NVA)
    • Category 1
  • VENI 106A

Tuesday, March 21st (Dinner Meeting)

  • Startups” – Firehouse Vet Clinics
    • Category 2
  • Napa Flats

Tuesday, March 28th (5:00-6:00 PM)

  • Joint meeting with Equine Practitioners
    • Category 1
  • VENI 106A

Tuesday, April 11th (12:00-12:50PM)

  • “Niche Interests In Veterinary Medicine: Developing your special interest when it isn’t already offered at the hospital you join” – Dr. Kalick 
    • Category 3
  • VENI 106A

Thursday, April 20th (12:00-12:50PM)

  • Joint meeting with Bovine Practitioners
    • Category 3
  • VENI 106A

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